Accompany very young children who are victims and/or born of rape in conflict and post-conflict zones towards psychological reconstruction and a possible future within their community.


To be a reference for the psychotrauma of child victims of sexual violence and/or rape in conflict and post-conflict areas.


Our action is committed, collaborative, sustainable with a basic principle of do no harm.

Our mission

We have been working for a few years in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war, to accompany children who are victims and/or born of rape in their psychological reconstruction and a possible future within their community.

In many countries, sexual violence is still used as a weapon of war to humiliate, inflict terror and destroy communities. It has very long-term consequences for women, young girls, and recently, even babies. Dr. Mukwege (surgeon, Nobel Peace Prize 2018) provides reconstructive surgery to these victims at Panzi Hospital in South Kivu. To complete his care, Véronique De Keyser, Cathleen de Kerchove, Isabelle Durant and Marie-Dominique Simonet have created the non-profit organization The Children Of Panzi and Elsewhere (CPE).

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