October 2022 latest news

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CPE is also about creating bonds. A bond with the children, with the local communities, a bond with other organizations working in the field, a bond with the Universities.  It is within this last framework that the mission of October took place.

In 2019, Véronique De Keyser, Honorary President of CPE, created the Denis Mukwege International Chair at the University of Liege (Belgium). The aim of this Chair is to bring together all experts from universities around the world who work on sexual violence and its consequences. Within this Chair, a scientific committee was born bringing together doctors (for the medical pillar), social workers, ethnologists (for the social pillar) psychologists (for the psychological pillar) and jurists (for the legal pillar) who share their research in each of the fields of holistic care.

Following up on her presentation at the inauguration of the International Chair in 2019, Cathleen de Kerchove, member of this scientific committee, presented the latest results gathered from children and families taken in charge by the CPE program.

This mission was also the occasion to present CPE’s action to the new rector of the University of Liège, Anne Sophie Nyssen. Mrs Nyssen went to Kavumu where she attended a therapeutic playground and met the children in their environment. She appreciated the work done by the field team and supports the action of CPE.

During this mission, Cathleen de Kerchove met with various field workers who would like to strengthen the capacities of their teams in terms of child care. A training of trainers program should be planned for 2023/2024.

Finally, this mission was also an opportunity to share creative and productive moments of future collaborations with the team of psychologists from ULiège and psychomotor therapists from ULB (Belgium University).



The pedagogue visited schools and families in order to ensure the smooth running of the school year for the children and to promote their success. For this, he undertook several points:

  • Visiting the children in the respective schools at the beginning of the school year followed by talks in terms of appropriate pedagogical advice while verifying the veracity of their identities by triangulating the data received from the family, the school and the children themselves;

  • Get to know the children newly enrolled in the schools followed by appropriate pedagogical advice;

  • Provide pedagogical advice to all children to better prepare and adapt to school activities;

  • Sensitization of parents and school educators on their parental responsibilities at home and at school for a better preparation of the children.