World AIDS Day 2022

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December 1st is World AIDS Day. This year, UNAIDS urges us to advocate for equality for all, in order to combat the inequalities that are holding back progress in ending AIDS.

EPA cares for victims of sexual violence and rape and their mothers. The rapes committed on children and mothers make them people at risk and potentially affected by HIV. Once again, this only reinforces their stigmatization and exclusion by their communities.

In order to address this issue, CPE intervenes in several ways. First, we organize prevention campaigns among families and communities in order to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health, including HIV. The objective is not only to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, but also to respect and welcome those affected. Secondly, after explaining the different diseases and symptoms, people who feel concerned can benefit from a medical examination. In November, CPE and ILP conducted several prevention missions in the villages of Kavumu and Bunyakiri. Dr. Glorieux and the local team organized workshops on sexual and reproductive health in several steps. The participants were able to share their views and customs, while the team provided information and highlighted the factors and risks of certain practices. The workshops continued with a medical examination of some mothers. If necessary, they will be followed closely for further treatment.